Training at LashDesign Studios
“We never stop learning” is a cliché although it certainly resonates with us in this industry, and is the basis from which we formed our courses. 
We provide interactive, intensive and effective training– allowing future/growing lash technicians, to build strong foundations from where they can continue to develop their skills.
All our Lash Trainers are leaders in the Lash Industry and hold Cert IV in training and assessment, ensuring quality delivery of each course guaranteeing you will gain a comprehensive understanding of  both the theory and practical sides of lashing. To be a Lash Trainer with us at LDS, you must have extensive experience in industry with well into the thousands of applications under your belt, assuring aspiring lash techs that they will be mentored by our best.
Our training courses are designed so that anyone and everyone would have the opportunity to learn and grow in an ever changing, competitive market. Whether it be expanding on current knowledge, new techniques, speed or even guidance, we want to be there, motivating lash technicians to grow and advance in any way possible.
 Zero to Lashes…. 
A two day program designed to build the foundations of lash application and technique. Let us teach you how to make lash happen and give you a glimpse of how we all become a little lash crazy..
Course Inclusions
  • Beginner Lash Kit
  • Introduction to eyes & eyelash knowledge
  • Safety and hygiene practices
  • Eye shapes and lash types
  • LashDesigning and stylisation
  • Pre Lash consulting and delivering 100% client satisfaction
  • Practical -both mannequin and your first set on a human model!
  • Bottom lashes
  • Removal
  • Pre and post care to ensure quality is controlled
  • Follow up support from the lash squad
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Lashes to Luscious…. 
Learn the art of fan making, taking the next step from classic to 2D+. Offer your clients a luscious show stopping lash with Russian Volume on your Lash Menu and watch your addiction for skill perfection grow with this two day program
Course Inclusions
  • Russian Volume Beginner Kit
  • Recap on essentials
  • Advanced techniques to stylising eyes and lash shapes
  • Tips to increase speed in application
  • The art of Fan Making
  • Essential pre lash consultation to deliver 100% client satisfaction
  • Mannequin practice with one on one support and guidance
  • Your first Russian Volume human model with guidance from the LDS trainers
  • Follow up support from the lash squad
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