Perfect Lashes Every Time. We Guarantee It!

We are so sure you're going to love your customised lashdeign lashes that we promise you that if you are not 100% happy, and you let us know in the first 7 days, we will fix it. That is how confident we are at LashDesign Studios

What does this mean for you?

We take pride in delivering quality, healthy, perfectly safe eyelash extensions to each client, and our customised lashdesing consultation ensures that we get the best scope of what you're trying to achieve for your lash look.

Should you find your lashes do not retain well, feel uncomfortable or other issues, it is our job as professionals to invite you back into the salon within the initial 7 day post your initial treatment, to allow us a chance to correct your lash concerns. To learn more about the terms and conditions of this feature, please reach out to the team at lashdesign to discuss further.

Train with us

Why Train with LDs?

Become a leader

We provide interactive and effective training – allowing lash and brow technicians to build and grow their skills. All our Lash Trainers are leaders in the Lash Industry, hold Cert IV in training and assessment plus have hundreds of hours of hands on experience. This means you will gain a comprehensive understanding of both the theory and practical sides of lashing.

Our training courses are designed so that everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow in an ever competitive and growing market. 

Whether it be expanding on current knowledge, new techniques, speed or even guidance, we want to be there, motivating lash technicians to grow and advance in all ways possible.

But that’s not all!

Get Accredited

Yep, as if all that’s not enough… we offer accreditation on some of our courses… you read that right! See course information below for more information.

Train now, pay later!

Be your own boss sooner

We know money can be tight… but we don’t want that to stop you from becoming your own boss! So we’ve teamed up with Salon Pay (powered by AfterPay), Zip and Payright so you can start your training RIGHT NOW!

Start training now for as little as $9 a week.

Lash like a boss by training with the best

No matter where you are on your journey to becoming a lash queen, LashDesign Academy has the courses for you.

With courses for both newbies and queens, LashDesign Academy offers so many benefits, including accreditation and “train now, pay later”.

And that’s just the start!

To find out more about our courses subscribe below, and take the first step to lashing like a boss!

Brow Lamination

The latest 

This is our newest and brightest addition to the LD Academy family, and boy is it popular!

For up to 3 hours you get the full undivided attention of our trainer in an exclusively 1:1 training, developing your skills in basic mapping, brow lamination and tinting.

Time to see what the fuss is about, add something jamming to your beauty menu and bask in the awesomeness of this new brow fad.

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  • 1:1 Training. 
  • Up to 3 hours. 




LASH masterclass

All things lashes

Ready to dive in head first to the world of lashes and want to learn it all now? This baby is made for you.

This 3 day Lash Masterclass is by far our most popular course, designed for the lash babes who are ready to start out on their own or get a job asap in the industry. It will cover everything lashes from OHS contraindications, lash styling and client consultations, to classic lash application and Russian volume fan making.

This baby is all things lashes, so strap in future lash addicts, this will be the course that changes your career.

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  • Everything listed in the classic & vol courses.
  • Advanced lash kit valued at over $1200.



Beginner Kit included
+$600 for accreditation (optional).

browdesign masterclass

Everything brows!

A one day brow course for the virgin brow designer, giving you the essential hands on knowledge and tools to be able to provide full brow services.

The BrowDesign Project was created when the LDS owner (and serious brow enthusiast), was unable to find advanced brow training for new staff, so she created it!

If you want a comprehensive understanding of brow mapping for shape options, different styles, colour processes and hair removal processes, in order to provide a customised elite brow service for our clients. 

The one day program delves into the core of brow styling, beginning with the basics and breaking the process down, incorporating guided practical units, this active course will give you confidence in providing the best brow service to add to your menu. 

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  • Identification of face shapes
  • Brow Mapping techniques
  • Colouring the brows incl henna & tint
  • Shaping the brows including wax & threading
  • Brow photography
  • Client consultation
  • OHS guidelines & contraindications.



Just thread

Learning to thread made easy – this private 2 hour course will take you into the wonderful world of hair removal by manipulating thread around for precise hair removal action.

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  • Basic beginners brow kit

  • Identifying face & brow shapes

  • Techniques

  • Client consultation & contraindications

  • Marketing guidelines

  • Trouble shooting.



Lash Lift

24/7 Mascara look

Perfect addition to your beauty menu and to set you aside from the rest as a lash professional. Learn the craft of safely perming the natural lashes to sit upright, and tint them to have a semi permanent curled mascara look.

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  • Lash lift techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Natural health
  • Client consultation
  • Kit available to purchase.


Classic lash Certification

1:1 Classic lash

In this two day course, professionally facilitated by long term lashers & experienced trainers – our LDS Lash Educators keep their student numbers small to ensure a personalised service and the best results from each participant.

You will learn the foundations of the lash world,  be taught different techniques, master secrets, as well as a gaining a sound understanding of the theoretical requirements for Classic lash application. Each participant will walk away with total confidence to continue their lash journey at home by the close of day 2.

What is 1:1? This is the classic lash concept where one single extension is applied per each one natural lash. This gives the lashes a very natural exaggeration.

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  • &Beginner Lash Kit – the essentials to get you started
  • Introduction to eyes & eyelash knowledge
  • Safety and hygiene practices
  • Eye shapes & lash types
  • LashDesigning & stylisation
  • Pre Lash consulting & delivering 100% client satisfaction
  • Understanding clients needs & correct language
  • 1:1 eyelash extension application
  • Practical – both mannequin & your real set on a human model!
  • Bottom lash application
  • Removals & refills
  • Pre & post care treatment and advice to ensure quality is controlled
  • Follow up support from the lash squad.

$1250 (Beginners Kit) 
+ $600 for accreditation

Russian Volume Training

lashes to luscious

This is for the experienced Classic Lash Technician who is ready to step it up and take business to the next level. By learning the art of how to create a Russian volume fan, you are going to be able to add dollars to your bottom line.

Why learn Russian? Since its introduction to the world thanks to Master Lash Stylist and pioneer Olga Dobronravova, girls and boys of the world just cannot get enough of the lash drama.

Our Lash Educators will guide you through the process of how to make a fan with the correct tools, using the secrets of the masters. Each participant will be confident in their fan making skills by the end of day two.

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  • Russian Volume Beginner Kit

  • Recap on essentials

  • Advanced techniques to stylising eyes & lash shapes

  • Tips to increase speed in application

  • The art of Fan Making

  • Essential pre lash consultation to deliver 100% client satisfaction

  • Mannequin practice with one on one support & guidance

  • Your first Russian Volume human model with guidance from the LDS trainers

  • Follow up support from the lash squad.


$1100 (Beginners Kit)


The intensive!

This is the one. The one course to rule them all!

It’s done – you have decided that the world of lashes and brows is your jam. Look no further, we’ve got you covered in this five day intensive event. 

Let’s talk turkey > we have combined the classic, volume and brow design courses content into one mega course PLUS added lash lifting, business development and social media guidance.

hidden for closed accordians
  • Everything covered in the brow classic & volume course
  • Professional kit valued over $1700
  • Lash lifting techniques
  • Business development
  • Establishing & developing social media platforms
  • Business mentoring.

Full professional kit included (value $2000)
+$600 for accreditation (optional)

Want to learn from leaders in the industry?

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