Simply amazing! I went in with no idea what i wanted and then was so happy with how they turned out! The ladies here make sure you get what you are looking for. Thanks again LashDesign and Janetta for doing an amazing job! -Ashleigh, 12/12/2014

After 10 years of trial and error and travelling around the world , living in Dubai & London and having my own lashes done by so so many people in so many different places I wanted to recommend LashDesign. I also went to them about 3 years or so ago and they were ALWAYS my favourite place in the world to go with the most precise technique & application. best glue used , high quality lashes used, with an overall flawless finish .. They are based in Melbourne but I believe they are worth the trip … I have had my lashes done a zillion times in Brisbane, Melbourne, Dubai, London, Singapore, Bangkok & many many other places and I just love them at Lash Design – Tanya 15/12/2014

“The best feeling when you don’t even need to apply mascara!. I can wake up and still feel made up!. My lashes are incredible, I never realised how full they actually were!. So impressed with my whole experience at LashDesign! “– Janine, 15/08/2014

“I got my lashes done from another salon for my wedding. I was trying to cut costs so i decided to go for the cheapest price i could find!. What a mistake that was! I was devastated because it was such a horrible job. A friend of mine suggested for me to go to LashDesign to fix them. And that they did!. I now know what eyelash extensions are meant to look like!. The technician i had was amazing, i thought there would be no return from the previous bad job i had but she fixed them and i could not be happier! highly recommend this salon. I have now learnt my lesson that the cheapest option is not always the best!. ” – Michele, 14/08/2014

“Have never felt so relaxed getting my eyelashes done!. i actually fell asleep!. My lashes look fantastic and the staff there are so friendly!. Beautiful salon, Beautiful girls, Beautiful lashes!. HIGHLY recommended ” – Jacinta, 11/08/2014

“I had a fantastic experience!. I went in to get eyelashes for my wedding and the girls were so lovely. The service was great and i couldn’t be happier with my lashes. They listened to everything that i wanted. AMAZING!” – Kat, 20/06/2014

“I’ve tried many different lash extension salons though haven’t looked back since first trying LashDesign Studios. The salon itself is very accommodating, creating the feel of luxury every girl enjoys. The girls are always attentive and sweet, whose attention to detail is second to none. Definitely recommend!!”- Catherine, 28/11/2013

“I was lucky enough to get a free set of eyelash extensions here as they were looking for models for girls to practice on. Although the process takes longer than usual because the girls are in training I felt very reassured and safe at all times as they were being supervised! My lashes looked amazing afterwards as well :-)” – J, 1/09/2013

“I recently went to LashDesign Studio a few weeks ago, as I had a voucher, and they did an amazing work on the eyelash extensions! The price was worth the service and staff was very friendly and approachable! I would highly recommend for those who want their eyelashes done here :)” – Tina, 13/04/2013

“I love Lash Design! The girls are so nice and my lashes are amazing. I’ve been getting extensions for around 2 years now and I never have to wear mascara, my lashes always look good, it makes getting ready in the morning so much faster. Must try!” – Marie, 4/04/2013

“I have been going to Lash Design Studios for over a year. All the girls are great at the lashes. They are very professional and use eye pads to prevent the glue getting in your eyes. You lie back on spa beds. The initial cost is expensive but you get 15% off our first visit. Replacing the lashes every 2-3 weeks with refills at around $70-90. It soon becomes an expensive treatment. If you refer a friend you get a $10 discount for your next refill. If you’re not completely satisfied, they do their best to sort things out. They do a great job compared to other places I’ve been to. Everyone always compliments how good my lashes look!” – Ruby, 11/03/2013

“I have been a client here for over two years and I am extremely happy with my experience (every two weeks!) and my amazing eyelashes. I have been to a couple of other places, but Lash Design are by far the experts. I wouldn’t trust anyone else! ” – Julie, 1/03/2013

“I love my lashes from LashDesign Studios. I have been to a few lash salons and this one is definitely my fav! The therapist I had was really professional and friendly and she talked me through the whole process. The end results were amazing. I got a full set of lashes and I have had so many compliments, even from strangers!! And the best thing is they think they are my real lashes! I would definitely recommend anyone interested in getting lashes to go here. ” – Jacinta, 1/02/2013

“I had a full set of silk eyelash extensions from LashDesign studios. I can’t believe the difference they have made to my eyes. The girls at LashDesign are so knowledgeable and experienced and made me feel very comfortable and confident. The result was amazing!!! My husband thinks I have had something done to my face – ha ha! Eyelash extensions make such a difference!!!”- Kelly, 1/02/2013

“I loved my lashes from Lash design studios! I got silk ones done as a trial for my wedding and I can’t wait to go back and get them touched up for the day. My bridesmaids are all going to get theirs done as well after seeing mine.”- Amy, 1/02/2013

The ladies at LashDeign keep me looking good. Their eyelash extensions are expertly attached and last for weeks. I’m a big fan of the silk extensions, they wear well and feel natural. Very professional staff. Highly recommended – Sallyanne, 16/09/2012

” Addicted very cool. Go silk every time make sure you re book for about 2-3 weeks to keep them looking good. Long time fan S.Stone x” 18/09/2012

“I ordered a ‘groupon’ deal with these guys – It was the first one i had ever bought and I was a little apprehensive.
But I found them to be of such high quality, the staff member who applied my lashes was lovely and talked me through each step very professionally. I had them for my wedding and many friends commented on how great they looked. ” Sophie, 4/09/2012

“Lash Design is by far the best in terms of service and experience. I have tried others and they dont compare. They are very professional and do an amazing job.” 24/08/2012

“Excellent quality, fantastic customer service. Very reasonable price for high quality product. Been wearing lashes for almost four years and would never go back to other salons after experiencing the lash design standard.” – Jaya, 30/07/2012

“I was a little bit nervous to get eyelash extensions. When I arrived at the salon it seemed really clean and professional. The girl that did my lashes talked to me about what I wanted and made me feel comfortable that she knew what she was talking about and was well trained. The lashes were AMAZING! All of my friends can’t believe how much my eyes stand out and I’ve sent 4 of my friends there already because they have a VIP card that I get discount vouchers for referring my friends.”- Laura, 16/05/2012

“Just wanted to say thanks to Jessica for my beautiful lashes. I love them!! Thanks for all the care and time you took with my first set ” Jenny , July 2011

“I just wanted to thank you and say that I love my new look.!! My lashes are naturally quite short and blond so I was worried before I got my lash extensions that it might be too much with my coloring. I just love the result, everyone at work has noticed and commented that I look different. Some can’t pick what the difference is they just say I look fresh or happier than usual, and most say “Oh… you’re wearing mascara.” But I’m not…! My eyes look brighter and wider even first thing in the morning. Did I say that “I just love my new look? Karly , 2009

“My girlfriend and I had our lashes done about 12 months ago at another salon. The glue they used on my eyes last time really stung for about an hour after the application and I noticed that some of my own lashes appeared burnt and shorter after the extensions came off. I’ve had your lashes for almost 6 weeks now, and they are still hanging in there. There was no stinging at all either during or after the application and even though I’m due for a top up they still look pretty good. I’ll see you next week. Rebecca , 2009

I love going to LashDesign to have my lashes done. I have been going there close to 3 years & I would not let anyone else touch my eyelashes! I love the way every girl is CORRECTLY trained to maintain the health of my lashes & to ensure that I don’t LOSE any of my own lashes, & similarly that I never risk sustaining an eye injury or irritation! My lashes always look AMAZING, right down to the finest detail! The girls always get the right shape for my eye, & if I would like something a little different, it is never too much trouble. I enjoy going to LashDesign to have my lashes done, because it is a relaxing experience & a little time out for ME that I LOVE. BUT most of all I love that no matter where I go OR what country I visit, I KNOW THAT 100% I WILL RECEIVE COMPLIMENTS ON MY EYELASHES & that makes me feel wonderful because it is the eyes that people always look at before anything else! – Mylissa Piva


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