At LashDesign we know lashes and understand that everyone is individual when it comes to Eyelash Extensions. We are “The Specialists” in individual semi-permanent Acrylic, Silk & Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions.

At your consultation our qualified technicians use our unique design model to ensure we consistently deliver results with the best quality products and client service. All our eyelash services are confidently backed by our 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, to ensure you are completely happy with the lash extension application you receive.

*PLEASE NOTE the strict 24 hour cancellation policy

Acrylic Lashes

Service Lashes Per Eye Price
Standard Set 50-75 $170
Extreme Set 75-100 $200
Mini Set 35-45 $90
Outer Edge 35 $70


Acrylic Refills

Service Lashes Per Eye Price
1 week refill & touch-ups 20-30 $50
2-3 week refill 35-45 $70
3-4 week refill 45-55 $90
4-5 week refill 55-65 $120


Silk Lashes

Service Lashes Per Eye Price
Standard Set 75-90 $200
Extreme Set 90-130 $230
Mini Set 60-70 $140
Outer Edge 45 $110


Silk Refills

Service Lashes Per Eye Price
1 week refill 30-45 $80
2-3 week refill 45-60 $110
3-4 week refill 60-70 $140
4-5 week refill 75-90 $200


Russian Volume Lashes

Service Bunches Per Eye Price
Standard Set 65-80 $270
Extreme Set  85-100 $300


Russian Volume Lash Refills

Service Bunches Per Eye Price
2-3 week refill 35-55 $140
3-4 week refill 55-65 $165


Strip Lash Application

Service Price
Strip Lashes $15
Cluster Lashes $15

Dont want Lash Extensions because your natural lashes are on point? Awesome! Lets lift and tint them, make the most of what your mumma gave you – $105 (45mins)

Our knowledge and experience in eyelash extension application, natural lash cycle care and maintenance means that every one of our clients gets the best possible application and advice at the time of their consultation.

So whether you would like extensions that are long and thick, full and flirty or undetectably natural looking, we design your eyelash application specifically for your needs.

LashDesign Studios also offers application of temporary cluster & strip lashes, makeup, tanning, threading & tinting.


Standard Lashes

Our most popular lash package because it produces a full and complete lash effect on everyone and gives you 2-4 weeks before refills

Extreme lashes

Ideal for people with lots of natural lashes who want to bulk them up and create an extremely thick lash line.

Mini Lashes

A great special occasion lash that can be applied either across the lash line, or bundled toward the outside edge of the eye to create a thick, flirty outside edge

Bottom Lashes

Accentuate your eyes with bottom lashes. Bottom lashes complete the glamorous lash look & are extremely popular for weddings or that special occasion. Try these and you will never have to worry about your mascara smudging again!

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Lashes create a flared & voluminous lash effect, ideal for people who love the appearance of an extremely full lash line.
2D, 3D, 4D, 5D & 6D are all terms used for Russian Volume Lashes. The D reference represents Dimension & the number represents how many extensions are applied to each individual natural lash.

The difference between Silk & Acrylic Lashes

The difference between silk & acrylic lashes is the fibre in which they are made from. Both are single fibre threads. The silk lashes are of lighter weight and are softer to touch. This means you do need to apply more of the silk lashes to achieve the same fullness that you would get with an acrylic set. Both are applied individually to your natural lashes so it really comes down to personal preference when choosing.


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