3 Step Aftercare Program for your Eyelash Extensions

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The 3 Step Aftercare Program for your Eyelash Extensions that LashDesign Studios Melbourne swears by.

At LashDesign we have heard so many different ways to look after your eyelash extensions, some crazier than others. The one that stands out to us as one of the craziest is “to wear goggles in the shower and to avoid getting any water on your lashes… EVER”. If you prefer your eyelashes to look extremely oil damaged and clump together then continue to pop your goggles on when entering the shower. BUT if you prefer to have your lashes looking like you’ve just had them applied continue to read the correct way to look after your investment.

3 words that every woman with eyelash extensions should remember…


PROTECT Your natural growth cycle and reduce extension loss and clumping by avoiding oil based products, glycerine, glycerol and essence. Make sure you are checking all your products for these ingredients. Although that “Oil free” cleanser may state on the front that it does not have oil, 9 times out of 10 it in fact does have those ingredients in it. Keep your extensions dry for the first 24 hours after application.

PROLONG Your extension life in optimum condition by using Prolong Lash Oil Free Cleanser to remove make-up, oil residue, dead skin cells and debris from extensions. It has been proven that by using the Prolong Lash Cleanser you will come back with at least 50% of your extensions at refill time.

MAINTAIN Your extensions, reduce pulling at your natural lashes, use a hair dryer to dry, untangle and shape extensions. Schedule refill at 2-3 weeks to maintain optimum lash effect. By following this simple 3 step aftercare program you will not only protect your investment but your lashes will continue to look fresh all the way up to your next refill appointment.

We put one of our girls to the test to prove that Prolong Lash Cleanser is the best way to cleanse your eyelashes. With clear results of what oil does to your eyelash extensions.

Clanci Cleanser Trial

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